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Web Design

We are not the only one who making web sites, but we can separate from other with special offers, because our mission is to have so many satisfied customers. Our purpose is to make modern design of web page which will be different then others and it will make you more unique.

Why the Web site is needed?
It is simple, if you have product or services which you need present to your future clients, so you need to give publicly, it simple you need to put in client skin if you visit some website and if you don`t like what you see or if some not working like need to be so you leave that page and go away. Is it it?

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Web aplication

If you plan to expand your production and you don`t know how we offer you simple and cheap solution like it is On-line Shops (selling stuffs over Internet), Booking system reservation for hotels, motels or pensions, Planing calendar, job or resource, Stocking application, Selling real estates and cars, Service base and other.

We need to hear your wish and we will help you.

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Graphic design

It is important you have quality and nice picture. To dress up your future web site in very nice themes and modern look, our graphical team will help you with logo and picture editing if need we can take pictures for you or recording video presentation.

With our offers we will help you to chose look for web site, together we will make one beautiful story. And we can!

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Hosting and Domain

Hosting is place for your web site where your web site will be physical placed, we can offer you our stable web server, or we can find other hosting with cheapest price possible.It is good to know and hosting is also main thing when we talking about speed of loading web page, so because that we can offer you web hosting.

Domain is name of your web site, well good and unique is important, for example www.your-website.com, We have good price for domain, it is long corporation with our domain partner.

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About Internet

What is Internet?

Internet is world computer system connected networks which is transformed type of modern communication. Today you can do everything over internet, like example: Internet banking, buying or selling over Internet, many different application which making business better: On-Line shop, booking systems, invoicing systems, stocking systems.

What are the Internet applications?

Internet application is auto-working application which make you half job. You just need to look their work. We will tell some ruff example of On-line Shop: You sell something you need to picture and put some name and some description of about that how many items you sell and others info, when client buy stuff his information like his address and what he buy is come to your control panel. You can print invoice, making new stock, managing more shops in one. This is just simple example...

What is CMS?

CMS or known like dynamic website is application which make you editing your website when you want and when you need. Dynamic website is not so good for graphically editing like static.

We will help you, it is lot of information for more be free to

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How web page need to look


In moder time one page must be optimized to all modern devices like tablet mobile phones, That knows when you visiting one web page from mobile you need to have same filling like you looking on tablet or desktop. So that web page is called Responsive.


In Today design is important to have simple web page which will give people easy exploring your web page, so many good picture is big plus and also nice text is important. It is very popular web page which is everything on one page that page is used for some small project.


Long time ago is web page which is using extension to allow flash animation to work in that page, the problem is make because that animation is hard to change and was crashing on users devices, Now everything is past with new technology HTML + CSS + Java-script.

Our mission is to have satisfied customers, to make somebody easy and more efficient business, because easy job is making you progress.

  • Buying is more based On-line
  • Buyers is using mobile platforms
  • Integration website with social websites

We make our purpose and we will help you to make your but do the next:

  • Read about new today website
  • Give your client everything without limit
  • Read about new trends
  • Take huge step in business and reject old fashion way

We achieved what we want, you exploring this web page and read this. But some tip for you is:

  • Marketing
  • Good know name
  • To be in Google searches
  • Reject old fashion way










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Hotel Reservation Merica - Booking system

Penzion Merica - HTML 5 - Static - Work in progress

7WiFi.NET ISP - HTML 5 - static

OpenCart - CMS - On-line shop

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WEB Design - Certificate - 15. December 2016

OpenCart v2.3.0.2 translate on serbian - 2016 i 2017

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